Ulva & Ulva Ferry Area

The Isle of Ulva lies just a short Ferry Crossing from mainland Mull.  The ferry is operated by a local boatman and he is summoned by sliding the colour across in a box at the top of the pier.  The Woodland Project has a couple of caches close to the ferry, the fine series on Ulva itself were placed byCountrymatters.  The hunt will certainly take longer than one day, as the distances between caches is fairly large.  The walks and the views are spectacular and there is a very nice tea room at the end of the trek.  More info about Ulva can be found at www.isle-of-mull.net/islands-around-mull/ulva/     Enjoy!

Waiting for the ferry  N 56° 28.931 W 006° 08.915  Number 26 on the map  GC33PCE
Keeping Sheila company N 56° 28.877 W 006° 09.224   Number 27 on the map  GC27YHC
The Church N 56° 28.808 W 006° 09.924  Number 28 on the map  GC27YMC
End of the Minister’s Road N 56° 28.674 W 006° 10.761  Number 29 on the map  GC27YKX
Gometra Road N 56° 28.849 W 006° 11.141  Number 30 on the map  GC281KQ
Croft ruins N 56° 29.625 W 006° 12.668  Number 31 on the map  GC281M7
Bernus Bay N 56° 29.554 W 006° 14.017  Number 32 on the map  GC281MM
Gometra Bridge N 56° 29.445 W 006° 15.349  Number 33 on the map  GC281NE
Ulva: Ormaig N 56° 28.235 W 006° 11.928  Number 34 on the map  GC27YKC
Ulva: Standing Stone N 56° 28.480 W 006° 10.928  Number 35 on the map  GC27YJX
Ulva: The Old Farm N 56° 28.484 W 006° 09.575  Number 36 on the map  GC27YJ6
Laggan Bay: river side N 56° 29.489 W 006° 08.264 GC5XB9A
Eas Fors N 56° 30.189 W 006° 09.247 GC5T2R6

Ulva Boathouse Ulva Telford Church Ulva Standing Stone
Ulva Sheilas Cottage Ben More from Ulva Ulva Clark Memorial


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