Tobermory area

Tobermory is the main habitation centre of the Isle of Mull and is actually a small town of about 1000 people.  The Distillery, main shops, restaurants and facilities are based here, along with much of the accommodation.  Aros Park is a short walk from the centre of town and also the Mishnish Lochs.  Some of the most recent caches have been placed carefully around the town to avoid accidental disturbance, and the caches themselves are not just boxes for that reason.  Please take care not to be observed as this is an area with a higher number of visitors and children.  For more information go to

Tobermory (Mull) by Subarite (Mull’s oldest cache) N 56° 37.244 W 006° 04.151 Number 1 on the map GCG4WA
Mull: A touch of dram-a by countrymatters N 56° 37.244 W 006° 04.190 GC51BDB
Mull: Metal Collector by countrymatters N 56° 37.377 W 006° 03.951 GC51BC3

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