Salen Forest area

The caches in this area are part of the Caches in the Forest project and are based around the footpath from Aros through to the Tobermory, Dervaig road.  The track is very good for both walking and cycling and the old Sea Eagle hide used to be on this track before moving to Glen Seilisdeir.  The walk goes through the woods to Loch Frisa and follows its banks.

The chapel of Cill an Ailean (meaning Chapel at the beautiful place) is a scheduled ancient monument. It can be found in a large clearing in the woods on the side of a hill beyond the Forestry Office at Aros.  The outline of this medieval chapel is enclosed with a 19th century dry stone wall and has at least four private burial enclosures in the grounds.

There are four caches here and they are as follows:

Historic Mull: Cill An Ailean  N 56° 32.284 W 005° 59.578  Number 60 on the map  GC4R7QF
Glen Aros river bridge  N 56° 32.157 W 006° 01.170 Number 61 on the map  GC4R8TM
Loch Frisa view  N 56° 32.643 W 006° 02.236  Number 62 on the map  GC4R8V0
Salen Forest Trail  N 56° 32.455 W 005° 59.669  Number 64 on the map  GC4RJMD

Other caches can be found nearby:

Mull Salen viewpoint: The Ash Cache N 56° 31.061 W 005° 56.981 GC5X9E3
Mull: Loch Ba  N 56° 28.274 W 005° 57.640  GC51P1D

Aros boats Cill an Ailean Cill an Ailean


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